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Prince of Peace Independent Catholic Community
Last update 8/11/16

Prince of Peace
On the Road

Prince of Peace Celtic Catholic Community has been meeting for mass and prayer weekly on Long Island since November 2004.

Fr. Michael (or as we call him, "Padre") is retireing from his secular employment and transitioning to a full-time mobile RV lifestyle and Padre's ministry will now transition to a mobile ministry.

Prince of Peace - On the Road will be a "home church", that meets wherever Padre hapens to park. He will celebrate mass on Sundays and/or on request at whatever campground or State/National park he happens to be at.

We share God's good news to all who wish to hear it - without regard to human made restrictions such as ethnicity, gender and gender identification, sexual orientation or any other category that people use to divide themselves. The message of God and the sacraments of the church are available to all - especially those who have felt alienated by organized religion.

Padre is also available to adminster catholic sacraments of Baptism, Reconcilation (aka Penance or Confession), Eucharist, Marriage and Annointing (aka Last Rites) to all who wish to receive them.

If you are interested in meeting with Fr. Michael for prayer and Eucharist, we encourage you to contact him for current location information at: info@princeofpeace-li.org

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